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“Sing You Sinners!” Tour

Joe Jackson

Wednesday 13 July 2022
De Vereeniging
Wednesday 13 July 2022
doors open:
19:15 uur
start show:
20:15 uur

Englishman Joe Jackson is back for another show in De Vereeniging. The biggest hit single of musician, singer-songwriter and vocalist Jackson is without a doubt “Is She Really Going Out With Him”. He also wrote many other hits in the eighties however, including “It’s Different for Girls”, “Real Men” and “Nineteen Forever”. He has released more than twenty albums by now.

In 2008, he released the album “Rain”, which reconnected him with the band members of his early career: bassist Graham Maby and drummer Dave Houghton. In 2019 a new album came out called “Fool”. It has gorgeous arrangement, and the same mix of subtlety, fierceness and beauty that we know from his earlier works. He is once again at the peak of his powers on his album, and that peak is quite high. He is a master in writing sharp songs in his own unique way.

This show takes place in De Vereeniging and is not a seated concert.


pop, singer songwriter


Joe Jackson

Wednesday 13 July 2022