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Lily Konigsberg

Tuesday 3 May 2022
Tuesday 3 May 2022
doors open:
20:00 uur
start show:
20:30 uur

Brooklyn-based Lily Konigsberg has been obsessed with music from a very young age. She used to play on the streets with her friends in order to make some money. Later on, she started playing in local bars; as a 15-year-old she won a singing contest in New York. Ever since then she decided to follow her muse for a living and played with several different bands, among which were Palberta, Lily & Horn Horse and My Idea.

She never stopped releasing solo material however, which was collected on her album “The Best of Lily Konigsberg”. With “Lily We Need to Talk Now” she has now released her formal debut album. For its recording she went into the studio with Nate Amos, a multi-instrumentalist with whom she plays in duo band My Idea. Amos is responsible for the crystal-clear production on the record, emphasizing crispy guitar sounds and fresh rhythm sections. Her solo music is less electronically based as with My Idea. She is a versatile musician and can quickly switch between folk, indie, pop, rock, rock & roll, disco and arty pop. Highly recommended to fans of Hand Habits, illuminati hotties, Torres and Julie Doiron.

Lily Konigsberg

Tuesday 3 May 2022