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Friday 15 July 2022
Friday 15 July 2022
doors open:
19:30 uur
start show:
20:15 uur

After having played two shows in Merleyn in 2011 and 2012, Osees is finally coming back to Nijmegen to play in Doornroosje’s main hall. The exciting garage rock of Dwyer and his companions is like an ADHD’er on LSD: spacey, extremely colourful and bouncing all over stage. A formidable live band.

The number of bands, records and productions that are on John Dwyer’s name is reaching almost mythical amounts. Next to his solo records, production duties and running his Castle Face Records label, he keeps churning out records and touring the world as Thee Oh Sees, nowadays written as Osees.

Dwyer is accompanied by two drummers and a bass-player; he plays guitar himself. Together they are an almost untameable garage rock machine with an impressive live reputation. Ever since the band was founded in 1997 in San Francisco, they have released over twenty albums, been on tour at least as many times and have even changed their band name almost to the same extent (OCS, The Ohsees, Thee Oh Sees, Oh Sees, Osees).

In 2019 they released the album “Face Stabber”, with no fewer than three records following in 2020: “Protean Threat”, “Panther Rotate”, and “Metamorphosed”. Early 2021 they also released “Weirdo Hairdo”, and more is likely on the way in 2022.


rock, garage rock, psychedelic rock



Friday 15 July 2022