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Parquet Courts

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Saturday 28 May 2022
Saturday 28 May 2022
doors open:
19:30 uur
start show:
20:15 uur

The New York rockers of Parquet Courts have spent their lockdown usefully, working on a new album that’s out now. Parquet Courts’ mix of loud cacophony and sneering, sometimes serious lyrics have managed to resonate deeply within indie rock circles ever since their power punk album “Light Up Gold” came out in 2012. The band has been touring the world ever since when they’re not in the studio making new albums.

Last year the hyper productive band released the new album “Sympathy for Life”. The record is mostly created from improvised jams, inspired by New York Clubs, Primal Scream and Pink Floyd. It was produced in collaboration with Rodaidh McDonald (known from working with The XX, Hot Chip and David Byrne). Its original intention for it was to be dancefloor-ready from the start, which coincidentally wasn’t the case for the immensely successful predecessor “Wide Awake!”. That specific record was something to put on at a party, while “Sympathy for Life” is inspired by the party itself, according to Austin Brown, one of the band’s front men. This promises to be an intense and energetic party!


pop, rock, garage rock


Parquet Courts

Saturday 28 May 2022