The Omnific


The Omnific

Wednesday 14 August 2024
Wednesday 14 August 2024
doors open:
21:00 uur
start show:
22:00 uur

The Australian instrumental progressive rock/metal trio The Omnific consists of two bass players and one drummer. Combine elements from progressive rock, djent, funk, Nintendo core and electronic soundscapes into one and you’ll roughly get the sound of this remarkable trio.

The skills of these Australians are impressive and offer a welcome distraction in the guitar-dominated progressive metal genre. They manage to play their hyper-technical compositions with almost effortless, playful ease. It sounds funky, laid-back and full of energy, all of which with impeccable production. It’s not so strange that The Omnific is often compared to Animals As Leaders and Polyphia. Their album “The Law of Augmenting Returns” is coming out soon, which is why these Australians are heading to Europe in August, stopping by in Nijmegen for a show as well.

The Omnific is highly recommended to fans of the aforementioned bands, as well as of Plini, Intervals, Chon and Pomegranate Tiger.


metal, progressieve metal


The Omnific

Wednesday 14 August 2024