Superorganism + Pi Ja Ma

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6 Nov 2018
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Superorganism is a mysterious and eclectic collective, led by striking 17-year-old Japanese singer Orono. Expect fresh and addictively pleasant electro pop that’s catchy to boot.

The eight-piece collective seemingly came out of nowhere with the track “Something for your M.I.N.D.“, a super addictive pop song with a psychedelic meme-worthy video clip that went viral almost immediately. Follow-up singles “It’s All Good” and “Nobody Cares” only strengthened the hype.

They also managed to convince on a stage setting at Eurosonic earlier this year, as both 3VOOR12 and the Volkskrant named their audio-visual spectacle as one of the best of the festival. In the meantime they have completed their debut album. As you may have expected from the singles preceding its release it’s full of trippy pop and electronic influences, bizarre science-fiction samples, wacky sounds and most of all terrific songs.

Bekijk de foto's (Pi Ja Ma)
Bekijk de foto's (Superorganism)
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