The Sisters of Mercy

Ever since the band was founded in 1980, the legendary English rock band Sisters of Mercy has released only three albums. Each of these are absolute classics however: “First And Last And Always” (1985), “Floodland” (1987) and “Vision Thing” (1990). With dark wave songs like ‘More’, ‘Temple of Love’ and ‘This Corrosion’ the band created some of the goth rock genre’s pillars that are still as strong in 2019 as they were back in the day.

The formation has seen many line-ups, but the band is still headed by founder Andrew Eldritch and his loyal drum computer Doktor Avalanche! The British group The Sisters of Mercy was founded in the early eighties. Ever since then the influential band has gained a huge number of fans. ‘Body and Soul’, ‘Temple of Love’, ‘Alice’ and ‘No Time to Cry’ are just a few of the cult hits of their impressive repertoire.