Twilight Force

Dragony + Silver Bullet

Swedish band Twilight Force brings power metal to the max, inspired by fantasy from magical worlds in which heroes are still true heroes. They have shared the stage with heavyweights like Sonata Arctica, Dragonforce and Gloryhammer.

About time for their own headlining tour, especially since the release of their album “Dawn of the Dragonstar”. The arrangements on this records are bombastic and engaging, a perfect fit for heroic tales about kings, dragons and knights. The highly skilled instrumental tour de force of both guitarists and keyboard player are highly convincing; in terms of skills these lads are among the best among their genre peers. And the tight rhythm section is no doozy either.

Let the horns of triumphs roar! None other than the venerable, heroic and almighty allies Dragony and Silver Bullet are joining Twilight Force on their first headliner tour. This night is highly recommended to fans of aforementioned bands, but also of Rhapsody, Kamelot, Avantasia and Epica.