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Tuesday 13 August 2024
Tuesday 13 August 2024
doors open:
19:00 uur
start show:
19:30 uur

Baroness have made a name for themselves with their mix of stoner rock, sludge metal and 70s hard rock that all come together in a spectacular way. Not just their music is impressive, the gorgeous album artwork is striking as well. All of these were drawn by front man and singer-guitarist John Baizley.

After a heavy tour bus accident in 2012, the original drummer and bass-player quit te band. Baroness marched on with a new rhythm section, though. On the albums “Purple” and “Gold & Grey”, they cast out all of the misery and frustration through their song-writing. Heavy riffs take turns with acoustic strumming, glam rock chords, complex and highly technical riffs, thrashing metal and gorgeous vocals. The result of all this is one of the most progressive, original and modern metal rock sounds in recent years.

By now, new album “STONE” is available everywhere. On this new record, Baroness is purer than ever, not in the least because of the dry yet crystal-clear production they applied on their own. Everything hits even harder because of it. “STONE” is not just a new chapter for Baroness. The American four-piece band manages to reinvent their sound in which head bang and goosebump moments follow one another seamlessly. An impressive work of art!


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Tuesday 13 August 2024