+ Otto von Schirach + Drumcorps

Sunday 15 May 2022
Sunday 15 May 2022
doors open:
19:00 uur
start show:
19:45 uur

Igorrr is the solo project of Frenchman Gautier Serre, blending metal, breakcore, jazz, classical music, klezmer, Nintendo-core and much, much more. The end result is naturally extremely eclectic. Igorrr sounds like Igorrr: very original, a bit silly, but never in a contrived way.

Recently the new album “Spirituality and Distortion” was released by the Metal Blade label. This album continues the path of its masterful predecessor “Savage Sinusoid”. The brilliant, full production is still present; it’s the musicianship that’s reaching even higher levels. Still present are the ingenious, schizophrenic songs that have melodies coming out of the pores. The experimental mix has a mesmerizing and alienating effect on the listener: it challenges the senses in full force. Allow yourself to be blown away by Igorrr, as this is something that works great on stage as well. During live shows Gautier Sierre is accompanied by classically trained singer Laure Le Prunenec, singer and expert grunter Laurent Lunoir and terrific drummer Sylvain Bouvier.

The support acts are like Cinderella’s glass slippers; a perfect match to Igorrr’s craziness. The cradle of Cuban-German artist Otto von Schirach was in the swamps of Florida. In his sound you’ll find traces of surf, calypso, dubstep, IDM, grind and electro. He’ll take you to his magical world full of supernovas and sound waves. Top level awesomeness.

Drumcorps is Aaron Spectre, an American musician who is able to combine genres like glitch, chiptune, drum & bass, jungle and electronic punk rock into an explosive cocktail. Highly recommended!


breakcore, klassiek, metal

Igorrr + Otto von Schirach + Drumcorps

Sunday 15 May 2022