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Swallow the Sun

+ Avatarium

Wednesday 23 February 2022
Wednesday 23 February 2022
doors open:
19:30 uur
start show:
20:30 uur
Deze show kan helaas niet plaatsvinden op deze datum. We proberen een nieuwe datum te vinden. Zodra we meer informatie hebben worden alle kaartkopers per e-mail geïnformeerd.

Swallow the Sun is known for their solid melodic doom with impressive vocals, which include both grunts and clean vocals.

Debut album “The Morning Never Came” from 2003 was hailed by renowned magazine Kerrang! as “…one of doom metal’s finest moments to date…”. And rightfully so. The Finnish band has been a staple within the genre ever since. Their most ambitious piece, “Songs From the North” from 2015, consists of no fewer than three albums and can be regarded as an absolutele highlight. But truth be told, every one of their albums is of a very high quality with its own uniqueness – yet unmistakably Swallow the Sun.

Avatarium was founded by Candlemass front man Leif Edling, and they have released four strong, melodious doom metal records. Edling has put his sole focus back on his first band again nowadays, but on “The Fire I Long For” from 2019 there are still three of his compositions. Their sound has come even more into its own on this album, partly due to Jennie-Ann Smith’s terrific singing. The record is sublime, with a powerful production that enhances the doom metal and its seventies hard rock influences. We’re looking forward to seeing this Swedish band live!


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Swallow the Sun + Avatarium

Wednesday 23 February 2022