COVID measures

COVID measures
Until at least 4 December only seated concerts are allowed. All other shows will be moved or cancelled. We will notify all ticket owners of individual shows by email as soon as we have more information. For all shows that do take place a COVID Certificate is mandatory.

How to get your COVID Certificate

For these events you need a valid QR code in the CoronaCheck app and your ID. Other test or vaccination certificates, such as an email confirmation will not be accepted.

Visiting Doornroosje from abroad but within EU?

Find out how to get your EU Digital COVID Certificate here.

Visiting Doornroosje from outside the EU?

Make an appointment at a coronatest center in The Netherlands max 24hrs prior to the event, this is free of charge. You can do that here: Testen voor Toegang (select EN for English). You will receive the testresult together with a numeric code. You can upload this code on this website for a physical print of the QR code at this website: or upload it in the CoronaCheckApp for a digital QR code. That app you need to have installed on your phone and working.

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