Kvelertak + Baroness

Tuesday 31 May 2022
Tuesday 31 May 2022
doors open:
19:00 uur
start show:
20:00 uur

A terrific double-bill this day in Doornroosje: Baroness and Kvelertak. Both bands have a terrific live reputation and are capable of mixing several genres into an exciting and heavy sound.

Baroness is well-known for their unique mix of stoner, sludge and 70s hard rock. It’s not just their music that manages to impress, their album covers, all designed by singer John Baizley, are also gorgeous.

After a serious tour bus accident in 2012 the original drummer and bass-player quit the band. Baroness found a new rhythm section and decided to continue as a band however. On the albums “Purple” and “Gold & Grey” they cast out all misery and frustration. The albums feature heavy riffs, acoustic sections, glam rock chords, complex and highly skilled guitar-playing, thrash metal and beautiful vocals. Baroness is one of the most progressive, original and modern metal and rock bands around in recent years.

Norwegian band Kvelertak is finally coming back to Nijmegen. Their sound consists of a mix of black metal and rock ‘n roll that works especially well live on stage. The six-piece band started off ten years and have left a trail of destruction ever since, not in the least because of songs like ‘Mjød’, ‘Kvelertak’ and ‘1985’. Metallica took notice in 2017 and invited them to join their worldwide tour. Kvelertak was allowed to open night after night on the world’s largest arenas, improving their live skills more and more in the process. This all resulted in a terrific new album, “Splid”, with singles ‘Bråtebrann’ and ‘Crack of Doom’ (which features Troy Sanders of Mastodon). This new album once again confirms that Kvelertak is one of the hardest rocking bands around right now!


rock, metal, heavy metal, sludge metal, hardcore punk


  • 19.00 zaal open
  • 20.00 - 21.00 Baroness
  • 21.30 - 22.45 Kvelertak


Kvelertak + Baroness

Tuesday 31 May 2022