Fit For An Autopsy

Fit For An Autopsy

+ Sylosis + Darkest Hour + Heriot

Saturday 30 November 2024
Saturday 30 November 2024
doors open:
18:00 uur
start show:
18:45 uur

The Americans of Fit for an Autopsy are coming to Nijmegen for an exclusive Dutch show with a brand-new album. And they have added some very good support acts as well: Sylosis, Darkest Hour and Heriot. This package is finger-chopping good!

Fit for an Autopsy is an established name by now within the modern metal scene. They are known for their uncompromising sound, well thought-out lyrics and intense live performances. With their thundering drums, primal vocals, progressive riffs, massive breakdowns and deep lyrics, the Americans have found a wide audience, and rightfully so! The album “Oh What the Future Beholds” from 2022 is often regarded as a modern progressive deathcore classic. It makes us yearn for the new album as well. The band are rock-solid live on stage as well and mosh pits are par for the course.

The Brits of Sylosis are known for their highly skilled, complex metal tracks. Crackling, progressive thrash metal is mixed with bombastic metalcore. It results in memorable hooks and riffs that will lead to headbanging, guaranteed. And not just on the recorded material either; live, the band kicks it up a notch.

Darkest Hour has been combining the intensity of death metal with the melody of metalcore for years. They know exactly how to use intensity, melody and ruthlessness for an explosive cocktail, as their tenth album “Perpetual Terminal” demonstrates as well. They have played over 1500 live shows and know exactly to win over an audience.

British band Heriot brings together various elements of extreme metal, including hardcore, post-rock, industrial and metalcore. Industrial soundscapes and ethereal vocals contrast sharply with HM-2 aggression, which results in a chaotic an energetic whole.


metal, metalcore, deathcore


Fit For An Autopsy + Sylosis + Darkest Hour + Heriot

Saturday 30 November 2024