Bleed From Within + Ingested + Kill the Lights

Bleed From Within from Glasgow has gone far since their early deathcore days; the comparisons to Bring Me The Horizon and Suicide Silence were made quite often. Their two most recent albums “Uprising” and “Era” have a new, refreshing sound: a hybrid of metalcore and groove metal. They’re a lot closer to the sound of bands like Lamb of God, Pantera and Parkway Drive nowadays.

They’ve developed their sound even more on their new album “Fracture”. Their fifth record kicks things off right away with ‘The End of All We Know’, a terrific opener with scorching riffs, up-tempo drums, breakdowns, raw vocals, and even a melodic motif. This is a recipe that they’ve perfected now, keeping up the same high level on the rest of the album. “Fracture” is another big step towards a larger fanbase. Even though Blood From Within is heavily influenced by bands from the past, the overall sound is still contemporary and they have a clear sound of their own. Expect a lot of mosh pits during live shows!

British band Ingested, and Kill the Lights from the USA are the perfect support acts tonight.