The Canadians of SUUNS take their time to develop their sound and create their own musical universe. Pulsating basses, screeching guitars and the hissing vocals of front man Ben Shemie add up to a futuristic whole. Live on stage the band is known to take their public on a mesmerizing, transcendental trip.

Musically speaking SUUNS is both eccentric and diverse: there’s shoegaze elements from My Bloody Valentine, art rock from Suicide, krautrock from Neu! and Can, but there’s also something of Syd Barrett’s spirit in their sound. They first came onto the scene with their highly acclaimed debut “Zeroes QC” in 2010; the albums that followed were at least as unique. In 2013 the band played in Nijmegen for the first time and that was one of many people’s favorite shows of that year.