Afbeelding voor Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires

Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires

zondag 11 december 2016
zondag 11 december 2016
20:15 uur

Om gezondheidsredenen is de tour van Charles Bradley helaas afgelast. Wij wensen Charles beterschap en een snel herstel.

Zijn persoonlijke en officiële statement luidt als volgt:

“In the past few months, I have had to cancel a number of shows due to illness, taking me away from my beautiful fans. My doctors recently discovered a cancerous tumor in my stomach. I’m getting the best medical care and we are all extremely optimistic. I will fight through this like I’ve fought through the many other obstacles in my life. My upcoming tour dates will be postponed so I can concentrate on healing.

Thank you all for understanding. Music is how I share my love with the world, and the love that my fans have given back brings me so much joy.  I look forward to seeing your gorgeous faces soon, and to continue to share my love through music.”

Kaartkopers zijn per mail op de hoogte gesteld.


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Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires

zondag 11 december 2016