Roosevelt + Cut_

Het spijt ons te moeten mededelen dat het geplande optreden van Roosevelt morgenavond, woensdag 21 november in Doornroosje, is afgelast wegens stemproblemen van de zanger. Het statement van Roosevelt hieronder. Er komt helaas geen vervangende show. Gekochte kaarten worden automatisch gerestitueerd. Excuses voor eventueel ongemak.


Statement Roosevelt:

‘Dear people of Nijmegen and Amsterdam, these 2 shows in the next 2 days were meant to be the big final of our EU tour – we have a very special connection to the Netherlands.. you have been truly great and warm to us whenever we came to play a show throughout the last few years. We were so excited to end our European run with these shows and were so looking forward to them. This is why it‘s so frustrating and sad that I need to cancel these shows. My voice is still gone, and the infection in my throat hasn‘t gotten any better yet. There’s medication I could take to physically feel good enough to play the show, but there‘s nothing that brings my voice back in time. My doctor says that i need to rest, and that singing at these shows could damage my vocal cords irreversibly. I hope you understand that I would never cancel the shows if there‘s really no other way.’