Welcome back to Nijmegen – Heumensoord Reunion

Dear People,

Its been a year since a lot of people temporarily stayed in the Heumensoord camp near Nijmegen en Malden.
Despite the circumstances were not always great a lot of people got connected with thousands of people from the Nijmegen area.
Connections that often outlasted the stay there and got stronger.

Now, a year later a lot of people got a place of there own throughout the Netherlands or are about to. Families are starting to get reunited and a lot of things happened.

the 20th of november we are organising, Welcome Back To Nijmegen to strengthen the connections between Heumensoord inhabitants, volunteers, friends and workers with a program filled with music, food, activities and most of all to meet in different more relaxed circumstances .

The Event will take place in Doornroosje next to the Nijmegen trainstation and it will start at 14:00.

Hope you guys will turn up and we all can have a good time.

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