Doornroosje = Merleyn?

As a legal entity, Doornroosje is ‘Stichting Doornroosje’ and Merleyn is ‘Stichting Doornroosje Twee’. They are financially independant and have their own staff. Their special collaboration came about when Merleyn proved unfeasable onder previous management. Doornroosje feels it is important to have a venue of Merleyn’s size, and tries to sustain it by investing it’s knowledge and facilities. This shows in joint publicity and sales through the Doornroosje website. More information on Doornroosje andMerleyn.

Where is the concert/party?

Doornroosje events can be situated at these locations or venues, among others:

On the show’s details page the location is indicated with an ‘@’ icon. You can select our major locations in the Agenda to get a specific listing of shows at the chosen location(s).

What is the start/end time?

The event’s details page shows the opening time (for doors and box office) and start time (for the first act or band). Click on the event in the event calendar to get there. Dance parties can have a fixed end time, and a time after which no one is allowed in. With concerts the end time is not completely fixed. When there are several acts, we have target times for the start and end of each act, but plans can get changed for several reasons. That is why we don’t show detailed schedules. If it is really important, contact us about the timetable.

How old do I have to be?
Access in general:Younger than 14 years: only supervised by an adult (18 or older).
Access to dance nights:16 years or older.
Alcohol (any percentage):18 years or older.
Tabacco:18 years or older.
Dutch law requires anyone over 14 to be able to produce a valid ID document.
Can my wheelchair get in?

Both of Doornroosje’s halls are accessible to wheelchairs. Visitors in wheelchairs are allowed to enter first en can therefore skip the line.

Our bars have no access at reduced height and there is no wheelchair paltform. The wardrobe is wheelchair accessible and there are accessible toilets. At sold out events we can not guarantee an unhindered view of the stage, the best position is left or right in front of the stage (not centre).

At our productions outside Doornroosje conditions may vary.

Is there a cloakroom?

Doornroosje has a free, guarded, cloakroom, where your bags and valuables are safe. At other sites, the possibilities may vary. See: Where is the concert/party?

Can I photograph (or film)?

You can make photographs or films with your cellphone or pocket camera/camcorder, if you don’t hinder artists or crowd. To use a publication-quality camera (for example with a removable lens), you have to ask for permission first. Use our contact form to do so. If the accreditation is granted, you can report at the box office to receive a bracelet to show you have permission. General rule: only shoot/film during the first 3 songs, and no flash. Our own photographers have some priviliges, but restrictions apply to them as well.

How can I (un)subscribe to the newsletter?

You can subscribe when you create or edit an account. Go to ‘Login’ via the menu for your account options. You can use your account to buy tickets online, for instance by clicking the quick links in the email newsletter.

You can also subscribe from our homepage by clicking on Subscribe on the right.
When you are logged in, you can uncheck the mailing option in your account to unsubscribe. You can also unsubscribe via the link in the newsletter itself.

How can I offer a band/DJ/concept?

You can use our contact form. Your message will be passed on to the right person. Because of the amount of offers it isn’t allways possible to respond (without too much delay). Honesty commands to say that our event schedule doesn’t leave much room, but if you really have somthing good: go for it!

How do I apply for a job/internship?

You can use our contact form. Visit our News pages first to see if we published any vacancies there.

Can I rent an area?

Sure. A lot is possible, provided our own schedule leaves us some room to plan you in. Contact us to compare your ideas with our options.

More information – Doornroosje

More information – Merleyn
More information – Openluchtheater De Goffert

How can I drop a complaint/question/remark?

Use the contact form, or the mail adresses, phone numbers for Doornroosje or Merleyn.

Where can I get more information?

Use the contact form, or the mail adresses, phone numbers or fax numbers for Doornroosje or Merleyn to ask your questions. Also see our pages about:

Merleyn – oefenruimtes
Buying tickets
Roos van Nijmegen

What do you do with found objects?

We keep lost property for two weeks in Doornroosje or Merleyn, whether we found your object can best questioned via our contact form. After two weeks we bring found objects to City Hall, here you can see if your object is at City Hall.

Can I sit?

Doornroosje has no real seats, but if you cannot stand for te duration of the concert, we can arrange a barstool for you. If you require a seat, please contact us (up to three days in advance) through our contact form. The number of chairs is limited, as stocks lasts applies.


Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets for our events in 3 places: at the box office, at a number of reseller addresses and on the website. On some occasions, the performing artists or their management may sell tickets through their channels. On joint productions, the co-producing organisation may sell tickets through its channels. For some shows with external producers, only they will sell tickets. More information.

How do online sales work?

This is explained on our Buying tickets help page.

What are e-tickets?

When an online purchase is finalised, a confirmation e-mail is sent automatically, with a PDF-attachment (the e-ticket) for each ticket bought. Bring a print-out to the event. Each e-ticket has 2 different codes. If you bought several tickets, they will have a common transaction code, as well as a unique code. This is the barcode that will be scanned at the door. If the ticket is for the right event, and the code hasn’t been scanned before, you can pass. Ensure your barcodes are scanable. Don’t get them wrinkled, dirty or wet. If you can’t bring a print-out, give your transaction code and name at the box office. See: How can I check my purchases?

Can I reserve tickets?

No. But you can buy tickets in advance through our website.

No link for tickets. What now?

In this case, ticket sales are not managed by Doornroosje. An organization probably rented the hall for this event and chose to handle its own ticketing. There may be no online ticketing, just sales at the door on the day. Open the events details page for more information.

Sold out. What now?

If there are no tickets left online, we are really sold out. We don’t hold back tickets for resellers or the box office. On rare occasions, tickets that were already booked, become available again. Keep checking the website if you are hoping for those ‘last minute’ tickets. And try our Ticket forum. There you can ask for tickets, or contact people that are offering tickets.

Is there a waiting list?

No. We wouldn’t be able to manage it satisfactorily. Especially when tickets become available at the last minute. We do have a Ticket forum. There people offer tickets, or you can ask for specific tickets.

How do I get my tickets?

If you buy online, you will get e-tickets in pdf-format. They are sent to your email address. If you buy at the box office or at a reseller’s, you receive a printed ticket. Resellers will receive an e-ticket and print it out for you.

How can I check my purchases?

Log in via the menu and go to ‘My account’. Here you will find your Order history. You will see a list of all succeeded purchases with this account. It may take some minutes for a purchase to appear here, because of the way payments are processed. Behind purchases that haven’t expired, you will find a link to resend the tickets. Also see: I don’t have my e-ticket. What now? If you think something went wrong, contact us.

I don’t have my e-ticket. What now?

On completion of your order a confirmation email will be sent to you automatically. It normally arrives within minutes. See What are e-tickets?

Some e-tickets don’t arrive because of inbox limits or spamfilters. The remedy depends on your email software. You may need to add ‘*’ to the trusted addresses or retrieve the email from the unwanted messages folder. Email can also get blocked by servers along the way, out of your or our view.

When your e-ticket got blocked or deleted, go to ‘My account’ and then to your Order history. You will see all your purchases. There are links behind events that are still to come. On clicking, a copy of the e-mail is sent automatically.

On the account page you can also change your email address. Now generate an e-ticket copy to receive it at the new address. See: How can I check my purchases? and How can I manage my account?

Our box office staff can also retrieve tickets by transaction code or name. You may be asked for an ID.

Can I undo an order?

No. Online purchases are final once the payment order has been issued. That the purchase is definite is pointed out in the order process. You benefit from your reserved spot immediately, so there is no grace period. Cancelling and refunding is time-consuming and error-prone. It may also be impossible to sell the tickets on. Therefore even in circumstances outside your control we will not take tickets back. Only when an event is cancelled or changed considerably since the moment of purchase, an alternative event or a refund can be offered. See: The show was cancelled/rescheduled. What now?

Can I pass tickets on?

Yes. Once purchased, the ticket is yours and you can give it away. But you may not sell tickets at a higher price or offer them online elsewhere. Doornroosje will not assist when visitors pass tickets on between each other, but we do have a Ticket forum where you can offer or ask for tickets.

To secure online purchases, identification is required for e-tickets. Normally, ID’s are only checked in case of doubt, but when the buyer is not present or can’t prove his identity, the e-ticket can be refused.

Can I pay with gift vouchers?

AT this moment, we do not accept any vouchers, such as Podium Cadeaukaart. Our resellers may have other payment options and may accept vouchers. For more information on these reseller addresse, see:

Do I get CJP-discount?

Only at the box office. As we can’t check your card or credit online, you can’t buy CJP-discount tickets on the website. You also can’t claim a discount afterwards. The discount ticket is a special ticket, that is not available online.

How can I manage my account?

Go to ‘Login’ via the menu and then to ‘My account’. There you can change your password and other account details, or review your purchases (see: How can I check my purchases?). You can also end your account and delete your data. Contact us if you have a question about your account.

My order failed. What now?

We will solve this. First check your account to see if the order has been booked (see: How can I check my purchases?). If something is wrong, contact us. Report any error messages and the transaction code, if applicable. In rare cases the communication between iDEAL and our website goes awry. The payment may succeed, but the tickets do not get booked to your account. An email with an explanation will be sent. We will refund the money, but to get the tickets, you will have to repeat the order. In case of doubt, contact us.

The show was cancelled/rescheduled. What now?

When an event gets cancelled, or changed substantially after your purchase, you are entitled to a refund. We will contact online ticket holders by email, explaining the procedure. If we know your bank account details, we will refund the money. Otherwise, you need to contact us. If there is a substitute date, you can choose to transfer your tickets to that date or get your money back. If you bought your ticket from an official reseller, you need to contact them for restitution. Our reseller list is on the Buying tickets page.

Are all prices inclusive of all costs?

Yes, all ticketprices communicated by Doornroosje are inclusive of all costs.